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Research Guides

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Welcome to the MBA program! This research guide will help get you started in your business research.

Data, Video, Websites

Looking for data on commerce or demographics? Use this guide to help you find data set resources that the library subscribes to or that are free online.

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Collections of streaming videos on a variety of topics including workplace diversity, leadership, and project management:

Google and other web browsers are powerful, but still only scrape the surface.

The "Invisible or Deep Web" describes the wealth of information that does not turn up in web browser searching--including documents in databases.

Since many organizations and government agencies organize a wealth of freely available reports and papers in open access databases, these valuable documents may not turn up in your Google search.

What to do? Start with websites from government agencies and reputable non-governmental organizations.

Explore the websites for the following tools and documents:

  • searchable databases
  • statistical visualization tools
  • data and statistics
  • reports
  • research in progress (working papers)
  • experts in a subject area
  • professional societies and organizations

Search for professional associations and organizations that provide accreditation in the field, or government agencies which produce research. The publications from these groups may or may not be indexed in the business databases. 
Government Sites:

Professional Organization Examples:

 --Learn to get the most out of your web browser search:

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