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3rd floor

  • Circulating books
  • Capstones, Dissertations and Honors Projects
  • BML 301 classroom
  • BML 302 classroom
  • BML 305 classroom
  • BML 306 classroom
  • 1 computer near the stairs
  • Wired and wireless network access throughout the floor
  This is a quiet study floor

2nd floor

  • New Books area
  • Print journals 
  • Newspapers
  • K-12 curriculum materials
  • Pleasure Reading book collection
  • Sustainability collection
  • Educational Videos/DVDs 
  • BML 202 classroom
  • 1 computer near the stairs
  • 2 Windows computers
  • Wired and wireless network access throughout the floor

1st floor

  • DVDs and Videos (at the Central Service Desk)
  • Print Reference Collection
  • Water Filter
  • BML 104 conference room
  • BML 131 classroom
  • 19 Windows computers
  • 2 black-and-white printer/copiers
  • Wired and wireless network access throughout the floor

Reservable collaboration spaces:

  • Study Room Pod 1
  • Collaboration Pod 2
  • Collaboration Pod 3

Reserve a collaboration space


lower level

  • Water Filter
  • 1 color or b/w printer/copier
  • Windows computers throughout the floor
  • Mac computers
  • Listening and viewing equipment

Central Service Desk

Get all of your library, research, and technology questions answered at one location. A blended, walk-up central service desk provides seamless help services for technology and library needs. We've created a better support environment for our users by co-locating librarians, academic technologists, library and tech support at the same service desk. Visit us on the first floor of Bush Memorial Library. 

Other ways to reach these services:

Technology questions:

Library research or reference questions:

Computers & Network Connectivity

There are public computers near the stairwells on 2nd and 3rd floor that do not require logins. 

Computers are also available on the 1st floor and in the basement of the Library and  require a network login (see CSD for guest accounts).

Network jacks are located throughout the building on all floors. Wireless access is available on all floors of the Library.

Contact the CSD - Central Service Desk  (651-523-2220) for assistance.

Food and Drink in the Library

Food and beverages are allowed in the Library. Food is prohibited in the computers labs and drinks must be covered. Water filters for refilling bottles are located on the lower and first floors.

Listening & Viewing Equipment

The following equipment is available in the basement of Bush Library:

  • DVD players
  • VCRs
  • Audio players (CD and cassette)
  • Headphones (available at the Central Service Desk, 1st floor)

Contact the Central Service Desk (651-523-2220) for assistance.

Microfilm/fiche Readers

Microfiche/Microfilm readers are located on the second floor of the library. Microfiche/film images can be downloaded to a patron-provided flash drive for storage, printing, or sharing. Images cannot be printed directly from fiche/film to paper.

Contact the Central Service Desk (651-523-2373) for assistance.

Printing, Copying & Scanning

For information on printing and photocopying on campus, please see the Piper Xpress page.

Quiet Study Floor

The 3rd floor of the Library is designated as 'quiet study'. We request that you keep conversations to a minimum on this floor.


Restrooms are located in the northeast corner on each floor of the Library. Head towards the back of the building, down the hall.

Scheduling Rooms

Reserve a collaboration space 

Classrooms and computer labs in the Library can be scheduled through Classroom and Event Management.