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Research Guides

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Welcome to the MBA program! This research guide will help get you started in your business research.

Tips for Student Scholar Success

"Those Ideas Were Not Your Own" --Avoiding Plagiarism

Hamline University and the School of Business have expectations about your code of conduct regarding the use of materials created by others.

This brief tutorial is designed to help you understand important concepts that all MBA students must follow: 

Plagiarism: A How NOT to Guide

Accidental Plagiarism: It is more than a blatant copying of a text. Learn about types of plagiarism that may catch you unaware:

(Original whitepaper & infographic:


Scholarly vs. Popular

What makes a journal "scholarly?" What does it mean if a journal is peer reviewed?

Scholarly vs. Popular Press has the answers. View as a mind map Requires Flash to run.

Journal/ Table of Contents Alerts Services: most databases have an alert feature that you can set up to notify you when something new is published on a topic or in a specific journal.