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Locating Lesson Plans: Mathematics to Religion

Research guide to help education students, both graduate and undergraduate, locate examples of lesson plans for any subject area or discipline.

Mathematics to Religion


Geometry Playground
The museum's website veritably bursts with educational resources, among them this page of activities designed to bring geometry to life for kids kindergarten-age through eighth grade.  Each activity includes a grade level designation, a short description, and can be downloaded in PDF format for easy use. A number of the activities are in Spanish.

Get the Math  
This interactive website combines video and web interactive to help young people develop algebraic thinking skills for solving real-world problems. 

How to Smile
How to Smile is an online community of educators that have vetted over 3,000 engaging hands-on, interactive STEM activities. With both desktop and mobile capabilities, How to Smile is full of activities that are both physical and virtual that are sure to get students involved. Tip: Use How to Smile's search by chemical directory to find activities for any type of experiment.

Institute for Science + Math Education
The site is clearly organized, with categories such as Projects, People and Partners. The Resources area features several excellent bibliographies that educators will enjoy, and the Next Gen Science Standards area outlines an innovative Framework for K-12 Science Education, including videos, PDFs and Webinars.

Interactivate: What's New  
The Interactivate website provides numerous high quality resources that assist with the “creation, collection, evaluation, and dissemination of interactive courseware for exploration in science and mathematics."  The For Teachers area showcases over a dozen recently updated lessons, including activities on Algorithm Discovery with Venn Diagrams and Conic Flyer Equations.​

Math Papa
Readers may like to begin with the Algebra Lessons section where they can learn the system from the ground up. In addition, the Math Practice section includes many practice problems that cover fractions, decimals, percentages, negative numbers, and algebra. Students may enter any algebra equation, and the calculator will not only proffer the answer, it will elucidate each step along the way to finding that answer.

Mathematics Curriculum Inspirations 
Curriculum Inspirations is a collection of resources for Middle and High School Math Teachers that demonstrate practical ways to engage students in the lively exploration of mathematics and mathematical thinking using problems from America’s longest-running and most successful mathematics competition.

Nrich Mathematics - Enriching Mathematics
The pages are divided into two basic categories: Student Guide and Teacher Guide. Within these, the Teacher Guide is organized by Early Years, Primary, and Secondary. Each of these tabs links to impressive sets of resources.

Nuffield Mathematics
Teaching resources from Britain's Nuffield Foundation provides teachers with the resources they need to animate lessons in mathematics and statistics.

Probability Lesson Starters
This site, from Transum Mathematics, offers hundreds of probability activities, as well as links to other websites containing probability related videos, teacher resources, and more.

STEM Education Resource Center  
PBS offers digital media resources to help students understand concepts, practice new skills and engage in exciting, authentic learning experiences in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Yummy Math
Educators can scout the site by Genres (Holidays and Annual Events,  Math and Food, Math and Science, Math and Social Studies, and others), as well as by grade level. While all activities are freely accessible, some educators may select to sign up for a membership, which provides solutions to activities, access to a wider variety of resources, and access to teaching tips.


BBC Education
curriculum based online resources related to BBC productions arranged into six categories. Includes both elementary and secondary resources.

Education & Psychology
Psychology's insights help teachers manage behavior problems, motivate students, assist struggling learners, handle stress, support gifted and talented youth and more.  Also supports teaching of high school psychology.

Education World 
a place where teachers could gather and share ideas. They wanted to create a complete online resource that educators could visit each day to find high-quality lesson plans and research materials.

Global Oneness Project
Offers free multi-cultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school classrooms.

NOVA: Interactive Archive
Social Studies, Language Arts, Social Sciences, Biology, and Chemistry teachers will all find excellent material for their classrooms on this PBS-sponsored website. 

PBS Learning Media  
NEW media-on-demand service developed for educators that provides EASY access to classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted, multi-platform digital resources.  Sign up for your own FREE PBS account to access all materials.​

Problem Based Learning Activities 
These lesson plan ideas teach students problem-solving skills.

Scholastic Lesson Plans
Teaching resources, ideas and lesson plans.

Scholastic Printables
Instant access to more than 15,000 practice sheets, lesson plans, and activities.  Some of the Printables are available FREE.

Study Ladder
Geared for elementary and junior high/middle grades, lends itself to being an interesting, ready to use stock of activities to reinforce many content standards from a wide range of curricula. Many of the activities offer a game-like feeling, while building conceptual understanding. The site is also supportive of the flipped classroom concept, and a variety of different user account options are available, including parent accounts. Tip: Set up a station with a white board at a parent open house that showcases this site as something parents can use at home. 
Features thousands of free lesson plans and classroom ideas submitted by teachers just like you.
Browse lesson plans by category, grade level, or search by keyword, and discover how the Teachers.Net community can make your lesson planning easier and more rewarding.

Teaching Channel
Educators from kindergarten to college will find hundreds of great resources here, including fact sheets, lesson plans, videos, and blogs to help them in the classroom. Free Registration for first time visitors.

Tween Tribune
This excellent news website from the Smithsonian Institute covers science, history, the environment, and other topics. Stories are sorted into age appropriate levels (Grades K-4, Grades 5-8, and Grades 9-12) and are also available in Spanish.

UDL - Lesson Plan Design  
provides educators with models and tools to create and adapt lessons that increase access and participation.

We are Teachers
Lesson and resources for teachers for any subject area.


Hip Hop & Popular Music
For educators who would like to integrate Hip Hop music into their lesson plans, the WISE (Working to Improve Schools and Education) 
program at
Ithaca College has assembled this list of Hip Hop resources.

San Francisco Symphony: Keeping Score in the Classroom
Educators will find much to appreciate in the Lesson Plan Library. They can scout 171 distinct lesson plans, from expositions of Beethoven's life story to a history lesson about Abraham Lincoln, as told from the perspective of Aaron Copland. Educators will be able to filter the findings by Grade Level (PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) and Subject area.

Physical Education/Health

PE Central
Over 2,000 physical education and health lesson plans and a slew of other resources.

Utah Physical Education Network
Lessons plans are organized by grade, starting with third grade and moving one grade at a time up to the eighth grade (for Kindergarten, first, and second grades, readers may click on a link to navigate to a separate page).


Memory: Lesson Plan for High School Psychology Teachers
Comprehensive lesson plan takes five class periods to complete. Students will learn the multi system model of memory, explore sensory memory and working memory, understand the encoding processes associated with long-term memory, focus on the retrieval aspects of  memory, and analyze the dynamics of memory in everyday life.

Mindful Teacher
Teachers will appreciate the Mindfulness Activities and Teaching Resources section, which is chockfull of exercises and lessons that teach mindfulness, compassion, and social-emotional skills.

Society for the Teaching of Psychology
Teaching Resources section is especially helpful, as it links to presentations, PDFs, and documents about a range of topics, all with the
idea of informing educators. Date of publications vary from 1990 to present day, and cover topics like "Educating Students about Plagiarism" and "Psychology of Peace and Mass Violence -- Instructional Resources."

Videos for Psychology Teachers
From the American Psychological Association (APA), this substantial list of Videos for Psychology Teachers can enliven lesson plans, bolster class discussions, and foster engaging homework assignments.


Accessing Islam
Educators will find much to appreciate in the ten lesson plans listed on the site, including expositions on Ramadan Observance, The Five Pillars of Islam, and the Hajj: Journey to Mecca, among other topics. 

Five Pillars of Islam - Lesson Plan
A seven-part lesson plan from PBS Learning Media introduces students to the Five Pillars of Islam, the based duties that guide muslim
daily life. The plan includes a pithy overview, a list of objectives, the appropriate grade level (5th - 12th grade).