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Locating Lesson Plans: Journalism to Literature

Research guide to help education students, both graduate and undergraduate, locate examples of lesson plans for any subject area or discipline.

Lesson Plans Journalism to Literature


Advertising History
Free Teaching Resources section helpful, with access to such lessons as What is an Advertising Campaign? and Planning and
Conducting a Campaign.

Cartoons for the Classroom
An excellent resource for high school educators who are looking for ways to use the visual rhetoric of political cartoons to highlight issues in current American politics, civics, and cultural life. Lessons are published every week or two.

Film Space
A handy tool for educators, the site has a well-stocked Resources section that offers ready-built lesson plans sorted into categories such as Shakespeare, Citizenship, Modern Foreign Languages, and Film and Media Studies among others.

have your class create their own magazine.

Media Smarts: Teacher Resources
Teachers can search the database according to Grade, Resource type, Topic and Media type. For instance, a reader might search for a lesson plan designed to address video games that is suitable for an audience of eighth graders.

Newspapers in Education   
Newspapers in Education is a cooperative effort of newspapers working with local schools to encourage the use of the newspaper as a tool for instruction and to promote literacy. Under the program, the Pioneer Press sponsors newspapers for teachers to use in their classrooms.​

PBS News Hour
For educators who are looking for ways to use breaking news to enhance their lesson plans, PBS NewsHour Extra offers a collection of educational resources that highlight current issues and events that are sure to engage students. Readers will find articles, lesson plans, and news clips among the collection, all designed with middle and high school age students in mind.


Comic Master 
Comicmaster is a free, easy to use tool for creating short graphic novels. While the backgrounds and characters are somewhat limited, it's possible to make and print comics at this site without creating an account. The site also has an educational resources page with lesson plans and ideas for using comics in the classroom. Tip: Have students create or write graphic novels to share amongst their peers in the library.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum  
The Poe Museum's excellent website is abundant with resources for teachers and students. Readers may like to start with Poe's life. Selected works include such classics as The Raven, The Cask of Amontillado, and The Tell-Tale Heart. In addition the teacher's section and the student's section both offer excellent resources for the study of Poe, including his literary techniques and activities.

English Literature
English literature teachers in any country will find a wealth of background information and materials for class presentations here.

Found Poetry
This exemplary Teacher's Guide from the Library of Congress (LOC) offers a seven-page outline for how to use over a dozen freely available LOC primary sources in the teaching of "found poetry."

Gods, Heroes and Monster's Curriculum
For educators searching for resources to supplement their teaching on Greek and Roman mythology, this site provides useful resources related to the Getty's holdings.

Lesson Planet: Poetry Lesson Plans
How does one teach poetry in any subject or quantity? The folks at Lesson Planet have assembled a fine range of helpful lesson plans that include discussions of haiku, poetic analysis, and utilizing poems to understand history and other subjects. Visitors will be glad to learn that there are over 6,400 lesson plans searchable by Resource Type, Grade, and User Rating among other categories.​

Materials for Teachers: Academy of American Poets
The Academy of American Poets has been providing resources to teachers since it launched its website almost 20 years ago. The site includes essays about teaching poetry, links to great poetry sites and curriculum units and lesson plans for teaching poetry in elementary and high school. The 38 lesson plans are a great place to start with a range from "Guerilla Poetry" to "Word Karaoke."

y Storymaker  
My Storymaker is the perfect storytelling environment for confident and reluctant writers to tell these stories and hundreds more. As you control a character’s actions, emotions, and interactions, the program writes the story. Tip: Use with kids who feel unsuccessful and frustrated during creative writing activities.

NCTE Poetry Lesson Plans
The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has assembled a virtual bounty of poetry-related lesson plans on its well-organized website. Here readers will find 20 different lessons plans for students between the ages of six and 18. 

Othello: A Teacher's Guide
This guide to Shakespeare's classic tragedy,Othello, from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, provides secondary school teachers with rich background and insights into the text.  The guide suggests exercises for helping students understand Othello's cultural context, as well as how to decode Shakespeare's language.

Penguin Books: Teacher Guides
Perhaps the most impressive thing about this list of Teacher Guides from Penguin Books is the sheer number of titles. There are 20 guides for Shakespeare's works alone. The other several dozen guides cover titles as diverse as George Orwell's 1984 and  E.L. Doctorow's City of God. Educators will find guides to books by Jane Austen, Ayn Rand, Aristophanes, Frederick Douglas, and Khaled Hosseini among many others.

oetry Archive
The site features seven poets and dozens of poems - each of them carefully composed and lovingly offered to the interested public. Each poem is presented in print form as well as in audio, as read by the authors.

Poetry Foundation
Here educators will find a wide variety of helpful lesson plans, information, course materials, assessment advice, activity ideas, insights
and techniques, and other opportunities and tools.

Poetry Out Loud: Teaching Resources
The Teaching Resources section of the site features tips for teaching Poetry Out Loud, lesson plans and a suggested class schedule, ideas about how teachers can make their Poetry Out Loud program accessible, and information about Poetry Out Loud and Common Core Standards. You can download the 40 page teacher's Guide, which provides a program overview, rules, publicity tips and other resources.

Poetry Society
The Poetry Review page is crafted for educators, and features a number of excellent resources, including lesson plans for students from kindergarten through the end of high school.

Power of Fiction
Discovery Education has assembled this lesson plan to unpack the Power of Fiction. Intended for the high school English classroom, this activity examines Upton Sinclair's muckraking novel, The Jungle, as well as student-selected works with strong social-action themes.

Shakespeare Documented
For educators looking for primary resources to enliven their lesson plans - or for anyone with a strong affinity for the the English language's greatest wordsmith - this website is unparalleled in its depth.

The Walt Whitman Archive: Published Works
Whitman dutifully revised the Leaves of Grass collection over several decades. This site from the Walt Whitman Archive provides a window into the editing process. Readers may begin with the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass, featuring an about section, the complete text, and page images. Subsequent editions (1856, 1860, 1867,1871, 1881, and 1891) are also available, making analysis of the development of this classic American epic available to anyone.