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Sustainability Teaching & Learning

Find links to library materials about integrating Sustainability into Teaching and Learning --and brief information about Hamline's AASHE STARS membership and rating system.

Articles: Community Engagement & Service Learning

**some articles available via Interlibrary Loan. Sign into CLICsearch, then follow the link to "Request through interlibrary loan (ILLiad)."

A case study of sustainability and civic engagement in a sociology of food course. (2015). De Welde, K. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 9(1), 90-100. doi:10.1177/0973408215569118

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Developing Key Sustainability Competencies through Real-World Learning Experiences: Evaluating Community Environmental Services. Anderson, Erin LoreneDissertations and Theses. Paper 2316. 10.15760/etd.2313

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