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Research Guides

Advanced Leadership

This guide will assist students registered for MBA 8098 01, MNM 8498 02, or MPA 8498 02 class in research for the Leadership Presentation project.

Articles: Targeted Resources and Search Tips

The most efficient way to find academic research articles or trade publication articles is by searching subject specific databases.

Use the Databases by Subject page to help you discover subject specific databases.

For articles about leadership research, leadership styles, or business or nonprofit leaders:

For political or historical figures start with these databases:

Check out other databases that support these subject areas: Databases by Subject

Where is the full article? 

  • Click on PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text.
  • If these links do not exist, look for Find Full Text. The resulting page will give you a link to the article/journal or an option to request the article through Interlibrary Loan

Database Search tips:

  • Use an asterisk at the end of words in order to capture all alternate endings (i.e. manag* = manage, managed, management...)
  • Use quotation marks around words when you want results with that exact phrase (i.e. "multinational corporations" will be a more specific search than those words searched without quotes)
  • ​​Within your search results list, look at the "Subject" terms applied to the articles. These may give you other terms to use instead of, or in combination with, your original search terms.


You may find the following brief online video tutorial helpful in searching EBSCOhost databases such as:



News Sources

Need up to date information on a topic or event? 

This guide helps connect you to worldwide news sources--& regional business news, too.