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Research Guides

Advanced Leadership

This guide will assist students registered for MBA 8098 01, MNM 8498 02, or MPA 8498 02 class in research for the Leadership Presentation project.

Evaluating Information Found on the Web:

World Wide Web


There is a World of Information at your fingertips. Which resources are reliable?

The library gathers reliable, authoritative information sources.


Use the ACCORD assessment to help you evaluate resources that you find freely available on the web:


  • What is the purpose of this information?

  • Is it objective or biased?


  • What are the qualifications and affiliations of the author?


  • Where does this information come from?
  • Does the author cite the work of others in a bibliography at the end?


  • What is the reputation of the publisher of the information?

  • For academic articles, does the journal require peer review?


  • How does this relate to your topic?

  • Is the information too basic or too technical?


  • How recently has the information been updated?

  • Do you need up-to-date information --or is historical information sufficient?

Accord Model courtesy of Ithaca College Library Evaluating Resources webpage