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Video for Courses at Hamline

Information about streaming video for Hamline University Faculty

Consumer Streaming Channels

What about hulu, Netflix, PBS Passport, The Criterion Channel, Amazon Prime, (HBO) Max, Disney, etc.?

It's not good news. 

Licensing always overrides Fair Use. The above-listed streaming services are built for use by individual consumers on an individual subscription model and are not intended to be shared. Classroom streaming of videos from these consumer platforms violates most terms of service.

Thus far these services appear to have no interest at all in serving higher education in any way--unless colleges and universities were to assign their students to each subscribe to Netflix individually.

Netflix offers a limited exception. Documentary films from a finite subset of their Netflix Originals catalog may be screened, once, in real-time in the classroom, if the instructor screening the content has their own paid Netflix account. Details, as well as a link to eligible documentaries are on this Netflix Help Page:

At present no other streaming service offers such an exception

If you would like to review terms of service, here are links to those of greatest (known) interest:

hulu Netflix
Amazon Prime Video The Criterion Channel
Max [formerly: HBO Max] YouTube
AppleTV Peacock
Disney Paramount Plus

The Library is unable to offer legal advice. Interpretation of license terms is at your own risk.