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Video for Courses at Hamline

Information about streaming video for Hamline University Faculty



Swank is a streaming platform hosting feature films for higher education courses and scholarly study.

Like other providers of streaming video to libraries, Swank offers multiple subscription models.

For the last several years, Bush Library has subscribed to a flexible package. The titles included vary throughout the year, and from year to year.

Not all feature films are available via Swank, however some of the available titles have been unexpectedly recent. What is possible depends upon a number of things, including but not limited to: 

  • which studios Swank is working with during a given year 
  • how those studios may wish to monetize specific titles from their catalogs 
  • the cost to Swank of maintaining those licenses.

If you would like to see which titles are available on Swank, we have built this HamCAT Collection to help you browse. And don't forget about the 'Load More Items' link below the tiles! Hamline should have approximately 100 titles available at any given time.