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Video for Courses at Hamline

Information about streaming video for Hamline University Faculty


video cover art: I Am Not Your Negro

Kanopy is a streaming video platform hosting documentary, and some feature film video content for use in higher education.

Kanopy presently has an exclusive relationship with The Criterion Collection but does not offer the entire Criterion catalog.

Like other streaming video suppliers, Kanopy offers library a choice among several possible access models.

Bush Library follows the model of choosing individual titles to subscribe to à la carte, therefore each title has its own start date and end date.

Each Kanopy title subscription runs:

  • for 12 months,
  • or for 36 months
  • or Hamline has paid for a perpetual access license (at present very few titles)

The availability of each license type is determined through Kanopy's negotiations with rightsholders. The license model selected by librarians at Bush Memorial Library is always based on both value for price, and current and anticipated need.

If you would like to see which titles are available on Swank, we have built two mutually exclusive HamCAT Collections to help you browse and assist with your planning. They are:

1. all active Kanopy titles

2. active Kanopy titles that will expire before the end of the semester.

Click the relevant tile in either collection to view its precise expiration date.