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Video for Courses at Hamline

Information about streaming video for Hamline University Faculty


Streaming video permits faculty and students to view flims for instruction, from any location with reliable wifi access, at any time of the day or night.

DVD can work, and is sometimes the only option for using a film in instruction. However if DVD is to be used for an asynchronous assignment:

  • DVD requires users to take turns viewing. The ability to view simultaneously would rely upon optional, social relationships, and is therefore not equitable.
  • To obtain a DVD from the library, users must travel to campus during Bush Library's hours of operation.
  • Between loans, a DVD may be lent to another institution.
  • DVD players are becoming rarer in households, so to view an assigned DVD, students may also have to rely upon a lab computer on campus equipped with a DVD player.

If you wish to use a library DVD in instruction, please inform your liaison in advance so we can ensure its availability in time for your session.

For questions about permissible use of a DVD for instruction, you may view the page linked in the sidebar on The TEACH Act. There you will find two handy checklists to assist you--one for Dramatic Works and one for Non-Dramatic Works.

Streaming videos change platforms unpredictably, and some single titles are subscribed to, individually, for one year--from any date. Every year some titles may disappear completely and may remain unavailable for a long period of time.

If your library liaison has enough lead-time on the lists of films you wish to use, they will have time to locate streaming access if the title has moved.

If a desired title has left the academic streaming universe, early awareness leaves you a bit of time to make another plan.

Rights holders wish to monetize their intellectual property, and make their decisions accordingly.

Recent use of a film is not an indication that it will remain available.

If a film has an expiration date, that should appear in its HamCAT record (scroll down to see example):

When it comes to subscribed streaming video, HamCAT is platform-blind.

The HamCat search engine searches streaming films hosted on Academic Video Online, Films On Demand, Kanopy, and Swank, as well as some others.

One may limit a large results set to video-only by expanding the 'Resource Type' list in the page's left-hand sidebar, and clicking the box for 'Videos'. That section of the sidebar looks like this:



If you are a faculty member and are unable to locate a film you hope to teach, requests are welcome. To request a film for your class, please complete and submit the Faculty Video Acquisition Request Form:

For your convenience, we have created a Faculty Video Acquisition Request Form (opens in a new window):

The relevant librarians are regularly notified of new requests.

As of 2023, all of Hamline's streamable video may be viewed, simultaneously, an unlimited number of times, by members of the Hamline community.

Users will be prompted to login with their Hamline network credentials to view any paid streaming content.

As of 2023 there are no price breaks offered for limited viewing.

Payment models vary according to subscription type, which are as follows:

  • Package Subscription
  • Single-Title Subscription
  • Life-of-File purchase

Hamline does have some Life-of-File owned content, acquired via a couple of different means; however those titles are few compared to the number available as part of a package or subscribed to singly.

The library is platform-blind.

Occasionally a film may be available on more than one platform.

Librarians are aware that some platforms may be more pleasing to use than others, but the library will always select the most economical among streaming options.