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Faculty or Staff Purchase Recommendations

Online Ordering System

The library solicits faculty recommendations when adding new content to the library’s collections. New content must support the curriculum of your department, and physical items  must be shelved in the library to provide campus-wide access.

Ask your liaison librarian for suggested format options. On your behalf, your liaison librarian will investigate vendors, pricing options, and estimate delivery times. You may recommend that we purchase books (print or online, open or limited circulation), streaming video or audio titles (or collections), or DVDs; subscriptions to online or print journal titles, and content databases.

Interlibrary Loan borrowing will be used as the primary vehicle to support faculty members’ personal research/scholarship needs.


You may submit content recommendations year-round using our faculty purchase request online ordering system.

It can take several weeks to receive and process physical content after it is ordered. Content needed for specific courses should be ordered as soon as possible.


Our online ordering system allows you to submit orders anytime. Use the notes field to include any comments you wish to share. Or, inform your liaison librarian about your content needs and he/she will investigate and suggest to you, options for fulfilling those needs.

Once your order is received and available for checkout, or online use, you will be notified via email. Our second floor New Books Shelf proudly displays the library’s latest purchases.

Student Purchase Recommendations