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Using Leganto in Canvas

Reading Lists (Leganto)

Leganto at Hamline University

Bush Library’s Leganto tool is designed to help instructors incorporate library materials into their courses. Leganto helps build reading lists that include books and articles owned by the library, videos, web resources, and more. This page contains instructions to help you get started. For individualized help, contact your Liaison Librarian.

 Check our Leganto troubleshooting section on this page. For more assistance in creating and adding Leganto Reading Lists, or other library resources, into your online course, please contact Your Library Liaison


More Leganto how to videos for faculty Videos online


How to add Assignment links to Reading Lists in Canvas - from University of St. Thomas Libraries 


Handout: Introducing Leganto Reading Lists PDF  download


This guide and its contents are re-used/re-mixed with permission from the University of Oklahoma Libraries.


REMEMBER: Similar to Canvas functionality, unless you PUBLISH a Leganto Reading List, it won’t be available for your students to see.




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