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Placing items on reserve

Reserves Request forms

Before you start

What are reserves?

Reserves are physical items (books, media, etc.) that you can set aside for use by students. Unlike items in our regular collection, reserves items have special restrictions on how long they can be borrowed (checked-out). This ensures all of your students will have timely access to reserves items. An alternative to placing items on reserve is to create a Reading List  and simply tagging items as "Course Reserves." 

Reserve items are loaned from the Central Service Desk (CSD) on the 1st floor of the library. Faculty initially specify the duration for which the reserve item can be checked out (usually either 3 hours, 3 days, or 7 days) and whether or not the item can be taken out of the library (3 hour reserves only). After faculty place items on reserve, Bush Library administers the lending of the reserve materials. The library may offer permanent reserves status for items that are placed on reserve for numerous consecutive semesters.

We recommend you submit reserve items a minimum of two weeks before the start of your class. This will allow library staff time to prepare the items for checkout.


Can you link to an electronic version?

We may have access to an electronic version of the reserve materials. Be aware that some electronic resources are limited to single-use license only, i.e. one user at a time. Electronic versions do not get placed on reserve at the CSD. Tip: it's easy to create a Reading List using Leganto in Canvas to link to electronic articles and books.


Do we own the items you'd like to place on reserve?

Check CLICsearch to see if we own a copy of the items you'd like to place on reserve.

Need help using CLICsearch? Check out our CLICsearch Guide or contact Research Assistance.


Leganto at Hamline University

Try our new Reading List Service (Leganto) embedded in Canvas in which you can simply tag items for reserves. Save time and effort.

Decide Reserve Limits

Items you can place on reserve

Items we will accept for reserves

  • Circulating books and media
    Please check CLICsearch to make sure the Library owns the items you'd like to place on reserve.
  • Personal copies of books and media
    You are welcome to have your own books and media placed on reserve for your course. All personal copies will be returned to you at the end of the specified reserve period.
  • Articles
    Please bring a copy of each article you'd like to place on reserve. We do not make copies of articles for reserve.

Items we will not accept for reserves

  • Print journals or magazines from our collection
    Print journals or magazines from our collection are always accessible to students and do not need to be placed on reserve.
  • Reference books from our collection
    Reference books from our collection are always accessible to students, so do not need to be placed on reserve.
  • Materials owned by another library
    We are unable to place materials owned by another library on reserve.
  • Articles and books available online
    As an alternative to placing an article on reserve, you can share a link to an electronic article in your Canvas course.
    We are happy to help you create links to items available electronically. Contact your Library Liaison or any one of the librarians.

Submitting a reserves request

Reserves Request forms

  1. Fill out a Reserves Request form for each class. Information you need for the form is the instructor name and contact information, department, course number and course title. Please include a start and removal date of items if not the end of the semester- and any restrictions on use. You will also need the title and author of each item. (If you don't like forms, try using tags in Leganto Reading Lists -- it's simpler and faster.) 

  2. Submit the Reserves Request form electronically or bring it to the CSD on the 1st floor of the Library.
    If some of the items are articles or personal copies, please those with you.

  3. We normally need 2 - 3 days to get your items on reserve, and more time at the beginning of the semester when the number of reserve requests increases. We will pull items from the collection, mark them and put them into our online system. For items that are checked-out, please allow 7 - 10 days for those items to be returned and processed.
    If you are in a rush and have less than 2 - 3 days, please help us out by pulling Hamline Bush books from the shelves and bringing them to the CSD. Filling out the forms completely will help us better serve you and your students.

Help with reserves

If you have questions about reserves or need assistance placing items on reserve, contact Meredith Gillies: