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Having trouble logging in?


You can reset your Hamline passphrase whenever you like all by yourself. Simply go to Hamline’s Logins page and follow the link for "Passphrase Reset."

December 2019


Who’s watching your belongings?


Don’t leave valuables unattended in the library, due to the high possibility of theft.

December 2019


Need a stress break?


Don’t forget that Bush Library has a great movie collection, donated by HUSC! You can find it on the 1st floor, by the steps, close to the main elevator.

November 2019


How Bush Library is Organized


Most books in Bush Library are organized by Library of Congress (LC) system call numbers. However, childrens’ (juvenile) non-fiction is organized by Dewey call numbers, and casual reading books are organized by the author’s last name. See more about how our Bush print collections are organized here.

November 2019