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Research Guides

International Marketing Management

This guide is designed to help students in MBA8053 to use the Bush Library's business information resources, and it supports their research for the creation of an international marketing plan.

Information...critical in business decisions...

As a graduate student, you already have search strategies and favorite information resources.

Use this session and e-research guide to further develop search strategies and to discover new resources.

Make new learning connections...

Session Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Google searching and transferable search skills
  • Searching Business Source Premier for industry and market information
  • Searching the Business Searching Interface of Business Source Premier for company information
  • Group Consultation Sessions

Google Search Tips

Information Literacy Learning Outcomes:

The information literacy learning outcomes for this session are designed to support student research as they develop an international marketing plan.

  • Navigate the library web page and select the appropriate library research tools in order to locate books and journal articles on their topic. 1B
  • Identify varying types of literature in order to select the best types for their research plans. 2F
  • Understand the existence of controlled vocabulary, (keyword vs. subject searching) in order to employ the best types of searches 1D
  • Understand when to use alternative search terms in order to broaden or narrow the results from a search. 1D 
  • Use Boolean searching operators in order to construct compound search strategies 1G & 3C
  • Apply the use of truncation in order to expand a search 3B
  • Select scopes and limits in database searching in order to tailor a search to their needs. 4B