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Using Leganto in Canvas

Leganto Problems and Solutions

Is there a direct link to Leganto, without going through Canvas?


  Note that the above link is for faculty and staff only. Students can only access Leganto Reading Lists through Canvas.


Can't see your upcoming course?

ITS may not have loaded it yet. Contact a Librarian for more details.


Canvas LMS Reading Lists option is not showing up for your course in Canvas

By default, the "Reading Lists" menu item on the left bar is hidden for students.  To enable it, open a course in Canvas, then scroll down to Settings, click on that and then open the Navigation tab. Drag "Reading Lists" up into your active course navigation section above.

Videos online video for how to do this  Video - YouTube (46 sec.)


Need to copy a Reading List from one semester to another?

This is most easily accomplished by the library. Please contact your liaison librarian.


Can I hide citations/items on my Reading List from the students?

Yes: Enter from (Start) and To (End) dates in the section title box and click the "Section visible only during these dates" checkbox. 


Illegal Institution – Please Try Again error

If you see "Illegal Institution – Please Try Again" when you try to access your Leganto "Resource List", it may be that your Internet browser needs to be set to accept cookies (extra data used for browsing). Here are some instructions on how to stop your browser from blocking cookies and thus solve the problem (thanks to The University of York).


Having trouble adding the first citation/item to a new Reading List?

Ensure that a section has been created. Each Reading List must have at least one section BEFORE one can add citations/items to it. Essentially the hierarchy is: Reading List : Section : Item(s)

I.e. item(s) can't go directly into a list without a section container. 

Of course, it's possible to have more than one section and to have multiple Reading Lists. Each section within a Reading List simply needs to have an unique name.


Can I edit Reading Lists using my iPad or other mobile device?
Yes but with limitations. Re-ordering sections or citations will not work using drag-and-drop on a mobile device.  Creating and editing Reading Lists is easier on a laptop or desktop computer. 


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