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APA (7th) Citation Style Guide

Internet and Social Media


Author, A. A. (Year). Title of page. Website. http://xxxxx

General copyright dates are not sufficient to use as the publication date. If no creation or publication date is given, use n.d. If the author and website are the same, omit the website.

Example: Author, No Date

Corcodilos, N. (n.d.). Keep your salary under wraps. Ask the Headhunter.

Example: Corporate Author

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. (2010). Facing down PTSD, vet is now soaring high.

Note: "If the wii does not provide permanent links to older/archived versions, you will need to provide the URL and retrieval date."


Title of entry. (Year, Month Day). In Wiki Name. http://xxxxx


Constitution of the United States. (2019, October 7). In Wikipedia.


Hinduism (2008). In Citizendium. Retrieved February 4, 2020, from


Author, A. A. [username]. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video]. Website. http://xxxxx

Example: Full Name

Jones, P. [patrickJMT]. (2009, October 24). Easily memorize the unit circle [Video]. YouTube.


Example: User Name Only 

Lukey B, The Physics G. (2016, January 24). What is Physics? [Video]. YouTube.

Example: TED Talk  
Note: If citing from the TED website, list the speaker as the author. If citing from YouTube, list TED (or the account) as the author and include the speaker's name in the title.

Gavagan, E. (2012, April). A story about knots and surgeons [Video]. TED Conferences.


Author. (n.d.). Home [Facebook page]. Facebook. Retrieved Month Day, Year, from http://xxxxx


MN Gardeners. (n.d.). Home [Facebook page]. Facebook. Retrieved January 25, 2020 from

Template for a Twitter Profile

Author, A. A. [@twittername]. (n.d.). Tweets [Twitter profile]. Retrieved Month Day, Year, from http://xxxxx


Tyson, N. G. [@neiltyson]. (n.d.). Tweets [Twitter profile]. Twitter. Retrieved October 8, 2019, from

Specific Tweet

If you cite a particular post ('tweet'), you must cite it in the References page; you can follow the example and guidelines below.

  • Include the Twitter username as written (be it a name or an organization).

  • You do not need to include the time, simply the day and year.

  • Since tweets are limited to 140 characters, you should include the entire text, including URLs.

  • The URL should be for the specific tweet, not the entire feed.

  • Replicate emojis if possible.

  • If an image or video are included, add square brackets before the Tweet indication.


Author, A. A.. [@twittername]. (Year, Month Day). Full text of tweet [Image attached/Thumbnail with link attached/etc] [Tweet]. Twitter. http://xxxxx


Obama, B. [@BarackObama]. (2009, July 15). Launched American Graduation Initiative to help additional 5 mill. Americans graduate college by 2020: [Tweet]. Twitter.


Tyson, N. G. [@neiltyson]. (2019, July 15). I love the smell of the universe in the morning [Image attached] [Tweet]. Twitter.


Author, A. or ScreenName. (Year, Month Day). Title of blog post. Blog Title. http://xxxxx

Example 1: Screen Name

Dr. (2009, August 17). 1909: Madanlal Dhingra, Indian revolutionary.

Example 2: Full Name

Nielson, L. (2020, January 25). Accessibility for Everyone - A Book to Help Educators Create Content. The

Innovative Educator.



Author, A. A. [@username]. (Year, Month Day). Text of caption [Photograph(s)/Video(s)]. Instagram. http://xxxxx


Bush Library [@bushlibrary]. (2017, November 28). Ready for Finals? [Photograph]. Instagram.