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Nonprofit Management: Books

A guide to books, databases and websites supporting research in the area of nonprofit managment.

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Finding Online books

Most of the purchases to support Nonprofit Management have been in online form.

To find these,

  • Search in HamCAT on your topic, e.g. nonprofit* and ethic*
  • Use Refine Your Search (on the left) and click on Full Text Online
  • To limit your results to books, click on Content Type, Book

A note about these books:  Academic publishers are behind the curve with ebooks.  Sadly, these are not [easily] downloadable to your computer or mobile device.  It's easier to think of them as online books, available anytime (or unless someone is actively reading the one you want).

We have several vendors/platforms for our ebooks/online books.  If you'd like to try using the Download option, you are, of course, welcome to try.  A word of warning:  you may be frustrated by the number of steps and logins required.