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ANTH 5270: Senior Seminar: World Anthropologies: Books

Key to Call Numbers

Print books are shelved according to their subject content, which is arranged by a call number schema. You may find materials for this course scattered in several call number ranges:

GN 1-890 = Anthropology

Other subject areas may be useful depending on how that region organizes their discipline. Look in the following areas:
DA-DR = Europe; DS = Asia; DT = Africa; DU = Oceania; E-F = Americas





Good Starting Places

What types of books might help you in your research?
Reference books, such as encyclopedias and handbooks will provide good overviews of topics.

Want information on a specific group? Try Ethnography AND your country name
Want information comparing groups? Try Ethnology AND a geographic area or areas
OR Ethnology and multiple cultures

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Other books beyond the CWA World Bibliography