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ANTH 5270: Senior Seminar: World Anthropologies: Information Literacy Learning Outcomes

Food for Thought

According to Author Gordon Matthews, in his Nov 2, 2013 blog posting, Some Possible Futures: WCAA vs. SSCI,

"The SSCI is heavily tilted towards Anglo-American publications.  Of 81 journals listed by SSCI under anthropology, 36 have publishers based in the United States and 19 have publishers based in the United Kingdom. Another 10 are based in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, and 3 are from Australia, all countries heavily influenced by Anglo-American anthropology. 76 of 81 total publications, 94% of the total come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Western or Central Europe, or Australia/New Zealand."

Learning Outcomes for Library Session

  • Develop a research strategy consistent with scholarly practices in the field of anthropology
  • Survey the anthropology literature using discipline-specific databases
  • Evaluate sources in relation to a global anthropological perspective
  • Develop searching methods appropriate to the tools used and the disciplinary requirements
  • Frame a research question based upon the discoveries made in the literature review.
  • Manage the sources discovered so they can be properly cited in all products.
  • Understand the economic, legal and social issues which surround the creation, use, and ownership/retention of information.


Subject Guide

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