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Research Remotely

Articles-Where to go!

To find the most relevant journal articles, we recommend the opens in new window subject specific databases most appropriate for your topic. You can also do a search in HamCAT, which indexes most of our databases. Look below for assistance with specific tools.

If the item you are looking for is not full text in a specific database, click on the Find Full Text button by (or in) the record. Find full text. This will open up HamCat and see if we have the item in another one of our databases


To locate Full Text articles in HamCat, perform a search and filter your results using limiters on the left side of the screen. If you want to quickly get to FULL text articles, click on boxes to the left of Available Online and Articles (Image 1). To find specific types of articles (Image 2), you can also click on  1) Peer-Reviewed Journals and hit Apply Filters, which will limit your results to just peer reviewed articles. OR, 2) To find news articles, click on Search Newspapers Only box. 





Google Scholar

You can also use  opens in new windowGoogle Scholar to search for articles. Using the link, you will also see Hamline's holdings in your results. To see how you can utilize Scholar with Bush Library's resources, watch our opens in new windowvideo tutorial on Scholar

Scholar results



Add the library linking feature in Google Scholar
In Scholar, go to Settings > (A) Library Links and (B) type "Hamline University" into the box and Search. C) Select the box next to Hamline University and hit Save. You will then see links to Bush Library when we have an item. 

 scholar settings

scholar_ library

Add the RefWorks linking feature in Google Scholar
In Scholar settings, you can also add links to import references into RefWorks. Go to Settings > A) Search results >  Go to B) 
Bibliography manager > Select RefWorks from drop down menu (Show links to import citations into) > Save.


scholar refworks


scholar refworks link