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Research Guides

Intermediate Microeconomics

This guide helps Intermediate Microeconomics students identify and access the most appropriate research resources in order to find background information and academic research in support of the Research Proposal literature review assignment.

Brainstorm search terms related to your topic


A great way to get a handle on the best terms to use in your search strategy is to do a little background reading on your topic.

Reference books like encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries can help you with that step.

Credo Reference Collection (search across multiple encyclopedias at once)

General Economics Reference Book Titles:

Understanding research methodologies and writing a literature review:

Concerning the environment, consumer behavior & marketing, and sports & leisure:

Next, develop relationships between your search terms

Do you need to show?

  • Impact
  • Effect
  • Correlation
  • Improvement
  • Relationship
  • Influence on
  • Related
  • Disapproval
  • Perspectives
  • Decline

 Are there economic methodologies which will help you do that?


This is your chance to connect your question to terms and concepts that are used in the field of Economics.
For example...

  • consumption
  • consumer choice theory
  • indirect utility function
  • indifference-curve analysis
  • duality