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ARCHIVED-CLICsearch: About

This page is no longer relevant >> replaced by About HamCAT.

Some issues with and things to know about CLICsearch (June 2021)

  • Sign in requires the full Hamline email address, not just your username. Note that many searches still can be conducted without signing in. 
  • Sign in to CLICsearch to ensure that favorites/pins are saved for future use. Pins disappear after browser session is closed unless user has signed in. Another option is to export your pins/favorites. Read about how to do this. 
  • Signing out of CLICsearch also signs you out from your Hamline email and other Hamline Google accounts (your user session expires). We recommend you remain signed in for as long as you might be accessing Hamline resources. 
  • If you get a Google 403 error when trying to sign in to CLICsearch, this may be caused by a previous sign in to Google/Gmail/Google docs using a non-Hamline ID. This can be resolved by visiting this Google link to sign out: opens in a new browser tab

    Then sign back in to CLICsearchopens in a new browser tab or Gmailopens in a new browser tab or Google with “Use another account” using  your full Hamline email address.  

  • The new CLICsearch is limited to only 10 results per page, but we expect to be able to display 20+ results per page by Summer 2021. UPDATED 
  • Browse results may be quite slow in returning results -- please be patient with the system response time. It may take 15 or more seconds for browse to show a list of results.
  • Streaming audio from Naxos and other audio sources are displaying incorrectly as type AUDIO CD. Fixed
  • Type mismatches in results - known issues:
    • Resource types may be misaligned depending upon additional content. For example, Books with CDs may show up erroneously as type COMPACT DISC. Fixed.
    • Atlases are showing up incorrectly as type MAPS. 
    • Some combination books with audio CDs may erroneously be displayed as type AUDIO CD.  Fixed.
    • Archives & Manuscripts Collections are simply labeled as COLLECTIONS.
  • Clicking "Includes" or "Related Works" links may not return the proper number of results. Workaround for this is to instead click on the SEARCH in the the lower right hand corner of the Advanced Search Panel. Reason for issue: semicolon ( ; ) is confounding the  subsequent search. The vendor has documented this as a known bug and will be working on a fix.
  • Personal Details addresses cannot be updated in My Library Account. To update your preferred name or other personal info, please contact a librarian.
  • DOI searches only function if a proper DOI is entered. Do not prefix the to the DOI for the results to be accurate. E.g search for 10.1007/s00216-019-01867-2 not  
  • 50 items is maximum number of favorite/pin selections at a time. If this limit is reached, users are prompted to edit their selections. 
  • If one runs an Advanced search for a title "starts with" in CLICsearch, subsequent searches do not allow changing the search parameters without clearing the search. Workaround: Try changing the "starts with" limiter in advance search to something else and then you can change your search filter to author or whatever. 
  • We are still waiting on the vendor for a list of which keyboard shortcuts are available in the search interface. 
  • To search for and locate book series, use Advanced Search and set the Title/Series drop-down.  Title/Series dropdown to search for Loeb series


  • EBOOK vs. BOOK: occasionally the system misidentifies whether a book is electronic or not. If you need help identifying the definite format, please contact a librarianNEW INFO.

For faculty users:

  • Leganto for faculty To use the Leganto Sent to button when viewing a full record in CLICsearch, you must first sign into CLICsearch using your  full Hamline email address. If you choose to send the citation(s) to a list, note that your reading list and section must previously have been created in Leganto. You can sign in to Leganto directly here or go through Canvas to edit your Reading List(s). After clicking Add to Reading List button, the screen will flash briefly but currently there is no notification that the send to function worked. Go into Leganto to check your reading list for the addition.
       Note that this send to Leganto reading list functionality is only available for faculty and staff users. 

 June 14-July 7, Leganto lists are temporarily set to read-only mode and will not be available for editing or updates. Questions? Contact a liaison librarian  


If you cannot successfully sign into CLICsearch and are getting a  Google 404 "user_id_mapping_unavailable"  error, please contact Hamline's  Virtual Services Librarian to resolve this.


​CLICsearch is the main Bush Library search interface (i.e. it's the online library catalog).


Please visit your Library Account to see current CLICsearch loans, any overdue charges, and to place renewal requests.


What is CLIC and why should you care?   CLIC Quick Facts

Cooperating Libraries In Consortium (CLIC) allows easy and quick lending between six university libraries in the Twin Cities area. Rather than being limited to the holdings at Bush Memorial Library, students, faculty and staff have access to over 2 plus million books that can be freely requested and delivered within a day or so. So when you search the Bush Library at Hamline, you are actually searching all of CLIC member libraries from: Bethel University, Concordia University - St. Paul, St. Catherine University, University of Northwestern - St. Paul, and the University of St. Thomas.


CLICsearch helpful tips for searching

 Borrow & Renew: details about circulation and how to obtain library items whether near or far

Faculty: Contact a librarian for help with links to library materials for your courses.

Provide your feedback to help us improve CLICsearch: help identify problems and tell us about your research experience.


Other Known Issues

 Improvements to CLICsearch will be ongoing. Provide your feedback.opens in a new window

Here are known issues:

  • My Library Account opens in a new window does not include items procured through Interlibrary loan (ILL)
  • Limited results found – Due to temporary technical problem… error. Please try your search again. You may have to wait a minute or so for the shared CLICsearch system to not be so busy so it can properly display your search results.

If you discover a problem with CLICsearch that isn't listed here, please feel free to provide feedback.


What is CLICsearch?

CLICsearch is a discovery tool that allows researchers to search much of Hamline University Library's collection simultaneously. Each search returns results from the library's catalog (formerly CLICnet) and many of the library's online resources all at once from a single search box.

Why login to CLICsearch?

Login with your Hamline computer username and password in order to:

  • View expanded results

  • Request items from other MnPALS Partner Libraries

  • See your library account

  • Renew most items online (excluding ILL items)

  • Create folders with saved items and search queries

  • Access full text off-campus (when available)

What will I find in CLICsearch?

  • Articles

  • Books

  • Ebooks

  • Videos

  • And more!

Each item listed on the results page includes a citation for that item and links to its full-text or online version (if available) or a catalog record indicating at which CLIC library that item can be found and requested.

What will I NOT find in CLICsearch?

Resources that are not searchable in CLICsearch include some of our subscription databases that primarily provide statistical data or unique material.
Such databases include:

All of our subscription databases can be accessed and searched directly through our Databases & Articles page.


Renewing items in CLICsearch

Sign in and view My Library Account in CLICsearch. Use ILLiad to check for due dates for Interlibrary Loan items since these items don't show up in My Library Account in CLICsearch.

Help beyond CLICsearch

If you would like help with CLICsearch or in searching any of our individual databases, please contact a librarian.