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Music of the Middle East: Listen

Goals: To acquaint students with the broad spectrum of musical systems and structures across the Middle East region, while simultaneously learning about social life and cultural production. Content: In the Middle East music has always been, and continues

Naxos Music Library

The best place to start is the Naxos Music Library.  

You can search by:

  • name of country [or variation, such as Arabia or Arabian (for Saudi Arabia), Turkish (for Turkey)]
  • performer
  • musical instrument, e.g. oud
  • "middle east"
  • Islam or Islamic


Google Video can be a valuable source for videos of traditional music.

To search, try [countryname] music
If you get lots of pop music, try adding traditional.

For example:

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

To listen to audio content, use the links on the left.

To read text, click on the image of the volume you'd like to view, e.g. Middle East

Whirling Dervishes from film, I Named Her Angel.  Academic Video Online