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Music: Research: Specialized Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

These sources provide concise overviews of everything music-related, from theory, to composers, to historical periods.  Since music and musicians are very much a part of world history, the sources on the right-hand side are included to provide information on time periods, people, and places.

If you're having trouble choosing a topic for your research, try browsing this page or the Browse Journals tab.  You'll get lots of ideas.

Core Music Reference: Dictionary, History, and Biography



Early during the COVID-19 pandemic, the library had temporary access to the entire Oxford Handbooks Online series, which can be searched both by keywords and browsed by discipline. Our access has now returned to only the content that is UNLOCKED or FREE. Use the limiters in the left column to tailor your search to Hamline accessible content. Some limited Music content may be available. 



Image Music Reference Collection


General History and Biography