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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Resources


Text/Language Generation

  • ChatGPT

  • Bing Chat

    • Pricing: free with ads, on certain devices, browsers

    • Based on the ChatGPT engine, integrated with Microsoft’s search tool Bing

    • Can be set to one of three modes: Creative, Balanced, or Precise

    • Can generate images based on text description

  • Bard

    • Google’s version of ChatGPT

  • Jasper 

    • Pricing: 5 day free trial (credit card required)

    • Marketed as a tool to help write articles, emails, social media posts, and ads

  • Sudo Write

    • Pricing: first 4,000 words are free, plans start at $10/month

    • Marketed as a way to break through writer’s block with AI as a writing partner 

  • QuillBot

  • Katteb

    • Pricing: free account has limited word capacity. Plans start at $15/month

    • Marketed as social media content creating, rewriting, paraphrasing, summarizing, and credible writing using your provided url.


    • is free; gives you 10 items for free, then you pay

    • AI search engine. includes tabs for search, write, chat, code, imagine, and “study” 


    • Free

    • Provides a concise and detailed response and real references

  • WriteSonic

    • Free up to a point, then you pay

    • Searches the web not just data it was trained on

  • Moonbeam

    • Free to try without credit card

  • Claude

    • A free text generator from Anthropic that used to be pay-per-use. It can analyze documents and serves as an excellent educational tutor. Its primary purpose was to provide educational and verifiable information. A word of caution, it can still fabricate sources.


  • Fermat 

    • collaborative brainstorming/whiteboarding tool with AI-generated images/graphics

    • Has free version 

360 Photo Creation





Speech Recognition


  • Elicit - “The AI Research Assistant”

Digital Assistants/Chatbots

Pounce, Georgia State