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About HamCAT

If you run into an anomaly when trying to access full text in HamCAT, please notify us with Report a Problem button on HamCAT records or inform the CSD or your library liaison


Ham cat

CLICsearch has been replaced by HamCAT. It's a similar system except "partner libraries" now include numerous MnPALS Consortium Libraries collections including Bemidji State UniversityMinnesota State University, MankatoSt. Cloud State,  vintage CLIC libraries, and other 4 year   academic Minnesota  institution libraries.

You can search all MnPALS Libraries collections including Hamline by clicking the drop down on the search drop down to search all MNPals or digital repos.




We are now members of the  larger Minnesota MnPALS Library Consortium  with support services through PALS 

HamCAT displays 10, 25 or 50 results per page depending upon the user settings. After entering a search, scroll down to the near the bottom of the page to adjust "Results Per Page":

choose max hits shown per page: 10, 25, or 50





Unfortunately the system doesn't remember this setting  for subsequent searches if you close out your browser.  You may have to reset the desired results per page  repeatedly.

Search Tips

  • Click the checkbox to include " Add results beyond ..." after  initiating a search if you are open to using and waiting for Interlibrary Loans that may come from libraries outside our MnPALS consortium.  Add results beyond Bush Library and partner libraries
  • 50 items is maximum number of favorite/pin selections at a time. If this limit is reached, users are prompted to edit their selections.  pin,  favorite
  • If one runs an Advanced search for a title "starts with" in HamCAT, subsequent searches do not allow changing the search parameters without clearing the search. Workaround: Try changing the "starts with" limiter in advance search to something else and then you can change your search filter to author or whatever.  Advanced search
  • To search for and locate book series, use Advanced Search and set the Title/Series drop-down.
  • DOI searches only function if a proper DOI is entered. Do not prefix the to the DOI for the results to be accurate. E.g search for 10.1007/s00216-019-01867-2


  • To search for and locate book series, use Advanced Search and set the Title/Series drop-down.  Title/Series dropdown to search for Loeb series


Known Issues – troubleshooting

Some users find  it helpful to have two different browsers,  one of which is used for the personal Google account and the other used for their Hamline Google account.

          Is is optimal to search the above resources directly.

  • Past loan history is not available in HamCAT in order to protect your privacy.


  • Google 404 when trying to sign in: if you encounter  the following problem please contact the Central Service Desk at or 615-523-2427 as we need to request that ITS add a missing parameter to your Hamline account to resolve this. Another option is to submit an incident  on our Hamline Central Service Desk Service Portal and include "404 HamCAT sign in issue" as part of the description. It will also be helpful to know your OS (e.g. Windows 10, Mac OS X Big Sur, iOS, Android, etc.) and browser version to expedite your request. Resetting your Hamline password or trying another browser will not resolve this 404 error.

                Google 404 that's an error

  • Advanced Search:  electronic  capstones, theses and dissertations don't  show up in search results when material type is limited to "Theses & Dissertations."   This is a known issue.  Until it is resolved,  please  use material type "All items"  in the Advanced Search  if you  are not sure if  the thesis  or capstone is  electronic or print.   This is  highly suggested for  search is limited to "Hamline Digital Collections". Another option is to go into DigitalCommons@Hamline and search directly. NEW

Radio button Hamline  Digital Collections  in advanced  search

For Faculty

Leganto at Hamlineallows faculty to create and edit Reading Lists that integrate library available resources into your Canvas courses. 


Leganto for faculty To use the Leganto Send to button when viewing a full record in HamCAT, you must first sign into HamCAT using your  full Hamline email address. If you choose to send the citation(s) to a list, note that your reading list and section must previously have been created in Leganto. You can sign in to Leganto directly here or go through Canvas to edit your Reading List(s). After clicking Add to Reading List button, the screen will flash briefly but currently there is no notification that the send to function worked. Go into Leganto to check your reading list has been updated with the new additional citation.
   Note that the  "Send to Leganto" reading list functionality is only available for faculty and staff users. 

As usual, please contact the Central Service Desk (CSD) or your library liaison if you can't access what you need.