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Copyright and Fair Use: Tightrope Walk or Tug-of-War?: Can I Use It?

Can I Use It?

1.  Does Hamline have it?  
Check for the Book
Check for the Journal article (search by journal title)

Or something similar?
To find alternate/additional materials, consult your library liaison or  any research/reference librarian.

yes? --->  if it's online, link to it!  If it's in print, put it on reserve.  
no? --->  If we don't have it, talk to your Library Liaison about ordering it, either online or in print.  Or, keep going...

2.  Is it under copyright?
Check  Copyright Terms 

yes? --->

3.  Can I use it under Fair Use?
Thinking Through Fair Use

no? --->

[4.  Is it covered under Hamline's Annual Copyright License?]

no? --->

5.  Get permission from rights holder. (usually the publisher).
This can take 6 - 8 weeks or more.  It usually involves paying a fee--see your chair.