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How To Download eBooks

Steps for downloading entire Ebook Central ebooks are somewhat complex and vary by device.  ESTIMATED time to complete this process the first time: 15 minutes (subsequent downloads are easier).

Are you sure you need the entire book? If yes, then continue:

Downloading ProQuest Ebook Central books usually requires downloading and installing the free Adobe Digital Editions for computers. For iOS and Android devices, download Adobe Digital Editions from the App Store or Google Play respectively. 

One needs to also obtain an Adobe ID (set up a free Adobe Account) to access the ebook on more than 1 device.

ESTIMATED time to complete this process: 15 minutes.

Download Adobe Digital Editions
Download on the Apple App Store
Get it on Google Play

Sign in   Adobe Account

Step to download an entire Ebook Central ebook include:

  1. sign in to Off-Campus/Enhanced Access with Hamline username and passphrase/password
  2. after viewing book, click download. Note that may need to sign in to off-Campus/Enhanced Access a second time.
  3. download and install Adobe Digital Collections (if you haven't already)
  4. download file for book and remember where it is (*.ACSM file)
  5. change Adobe Digital Collections to open ACSM files and browse to where you downloaded ACSM file from previous step
  6. in Adobe Digital Collections - need to create and sign in with Adobe ID OR Authorize without vendor ID
  7. view actual ebook

For more detailed download instruction steps see the Ebook Central download guide.