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Off-Campus Access & Troubleshooting

If you are outside the campus network when accessing library resources through our Bush Library links you will be routed to the Off-Campus Access login page. You will be prompted for your Hamline username (not your full email) and password (passphrase) before you can access licensed library resources. 

If you are not using our Bush Library links, e.g. you are clicking on a link in a Listserv or email while you are off-campus, you probably won't have full-text access unless you first authenticate through our Hamline off-campus access page.

If you do not remember your Hamline password, you can reset it here.

You can also contact Hamline's Central Service Desk if you need help troubleshooting off-campus access.

Our Off-Campus Access page looks like this [click to enlarge]:
off-campus or enhanced access

Check the Hamline Central Service Desk page and visit the "System Status" link to see notifications of system downtime or other issues.

The problem may be more widespread
   ...and we may already be working on resolving it.

If you get an error message saying, Your Username or Passphrase/Password was entered incorrectly, a number of things might be wrong:

  • For off campus access to library articles and databases, enter only your Hamline username -- do not include I.e. Enter hschmicht01 NOT
  • For HamCAT, enter your full Hamline email address: e.g.
  • You may have mistyped your username or password. Make sure you are entering your current username and password.
    • Your Hamline username is the account you use to access technology resources at Hamline like your  the local network, Canvas, the wireless network, or any computer on campus (computer labs, classrooms, or private offices). Your Hamline username originates in Workday.
    • Your Hamline password is the one associated with your Hamline username. If you do not remember your Hamline password, reset it here.
  • Sometimes password managers can interfere with the Off-Campus Access page.
    If you use your browser's password manager or an add-on password manager (e.g. LastPass, 1Password), make sure your password manager has your up-to-date Hamline password.
  • Your password may be expired. You can reset your password here.
  • Login using your library barcode is no longer available. 

If you continue to get a message saying your username or password was entered incorrectly, contact the Central Service Desk for assistance. 

If the Off-Campus Access page doesn’t load or your browser presents an error message

You can contact a librarian for step-by-step help.

You may need to...

 "Disallowed Key Characters"?
When you try to open a database from library website, if you see a blank screen with the words "Disallowed Key Characters":

Solution: clear your browser cache. See the instructions from Indiana University libraries about clearing your web browser cache

Another option is to open a new browser incognito window or a new private window.

The problem(s) may be affecting more than you. Check for alerts on the Hamline System Status Page to see if systems might be impacted.

Another option is to try another Wi-Fi network to access our library resources. Visit a friend's house, the public library, or go to some other location with public Wi-Fi (e.g. coffee shops, malls, the airport, etc.) to see if you have the same access issues. If you don't, then the problem is most likely with your own home network. In that situation, we recommend contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP).



Another option: contact Hamline's Central Service Desk or a Hamline Librarian if you need help troubleshooting off-campus access.

 Internet Explorer browser is no longer supported by most sites. We recommend that users use Chrome or Firefox for off-campus access instead of Internet Explorer to minimize problems. 


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