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Research Guides

Evaluating Websites: Find Answers

Guide to evaluating websites for papers, presentations, and other projects.

  Tips on Finding Answers

Look for links that say "About", "Biography" "Who we are" etc.
If there is no such link, be very wary of using information from the site.
Remember there is NO assurance this information is accurate or complete.

Try to verify information through sources independent of the website.
   -Googleopens in a new window author names or board members of organizations
   -Search library databases for articles by an author
   -Search news sources for the name of an organization; are they mentioned in the
       mainstream news and in what context?

Look for a header or footer showing affiliation. Find out who pays for or controls the site.
   -Check to whom the web site address is registered at easywhois.comopens in a new window

Look for information about organizations
   -On Google 

To see what web sites link to the page, go to Googleopens in a new window  and do a “link” command search. In the search box type link:url of website

Check previous versions of the web site’s home page at archive.orgopens in a new window


Other Sources for More Info.