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Literary Magazines: History: Little Magazines

Created to support the editors of the Creative Writing Program's undergraduate publication, Runestone.

Little Magazines: A Definition

"Little magazines share certain characteristics:  they are primarily literary, often experimental, and typically unfettered.  Virtually all have a small circulation, and they are usually published, edited and financed by one person or by a small group of persons who are amateurs--that is to say, people without a profit motive.  These qualities, taken together, give some indication of what a little magazine is.  But definitions are difficult.  It is easier to recognize a little mag when you see it than to describe it."

--Felix Pollak (as interviewed by Prof Mark Olson). The Little Magazine in America: A Modern Documentary History.
Pushcart, 1978, p.35


"Modernism began in the magazines"

Little Magazines At Hamline

Some of these are available in print at Bush Library, some are available online, and some are available in both formats.  And, for better or worse, some are only available on microfilm.

To view the historical issues, many of which are in fragile condition, please email  They are to be viewed in the Library at the Central Service Desk.

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