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New Interlibrary Loan System

Return ILLiad  items (pink slip)  by 10 June 2022

What's changing

Coming soon ...

Say goodbye to ILLiad and hello to improved Interlibrary Loans 

 From within the HamCAT interface,  Hamline users will be able to see and request books and other items not otherwise available from Bush Library. 


last day to request items in ILLiad ___

 last day to return items ___ 

date/link to the interim requesting solution ___ 

date the new integrated system goes online  ___



Mockup - new interface may look like:

Get a physical copy or a chapter


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests submissions in HamCAT are part of a series of changes to Interlibrary Loan and Scan on Demand (faculty) services this summer that will improve how users submit and manage their requests. Please note that you will not lose access to Interlibrary Loan, and services will not take longer than before.


ILL offers all current Hamline faculty, staff, and students access to materials needed for coursework and scholarly research which are not currently available at Bush Library but are available at other libraries.

Why is this changing?

Streamlined Interlibrary Loans:

  • No need for another sign in for ILLiad. A single sign on in HamCAT (Hamline Google) will allow users to see, request, and track Interlibrary Loans.

  • Estimated time for delivery of physical items such as books will be available. 
  • Our new HamCAT Interlibrary Loan functionality will be cloud based. So it should reduce ITS time for setting up and maintaining ILLiad in VDI and on library staff computers.
  •  Reduced need for users to fill out forms --  saving time and effort.


Continued service

What's not changing:

  • our courier service will continue Monday through Friday (weekends and holidays excepted) 
  • the library will continue to get your  requests  as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • we are continuing to be part of the MnPALS ConsortiumOpens in a new browser tab which works with MinitexOpens in a new browser tab


   Process for requesting items that Bush Library doesn't have

More details

More details will be shared as we learn about the new, upcoming streamlined Interlibrary Loan functionality.