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 RefWorks Guide

This guide is an introduction to the new RefWorks: setting up an account, migrating reference citations from Legacy RefWorks, using RefWorks, and getting plugins for in-text citations in MS Word and Google Docs.

When to Migrate

You can choose to migrate your reference citations from Legacy Refworks to the new RefWorks at any time during this school year.

In general, if you are currently working on writing a paper and using the MS Word Write-n-Cite feature, wait until you have completed the paper.

Legacy RefWorks will no longer be supported as of 2023. At that time, current students, faculty and staff with Legacy accounts will be notified by Hamline email.

Migrating from Legacy to the New RefWorks

*Do this when you no longer want to use Legacy RefWorks*

  • Create an account in the new RefWorks
  • Select "Import references" in the new RefWorks
  • Select "RefWorks" and "Authorize" to log into your Legacy RefWorks account
  • Your citations are copied into the new RefWorks and also remain in your Legacy RefWorks account
  • The import is a snapshot in time and does not link the two accounts
  • Your Legacy RefWorks account may be retired sometime in the future, but the vendor (ProQuest) has not set an exact date

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