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Joining the MnPALS Consortium


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 Hamline University Library and Archives

Bush Library says Goodbye To CLIC and Hello to MnPALS!

As a founding member of Cooperating Libraries in Consortium (CLIC), and following 52 years of continuous CLIC membership, Bush Library transitioned away from CLIC and began a new affiliation with another well known Minnesota library consortium–MnPALS.


MnPALS is a much larger network of academic libraries, including former CLIC partner libraries, regional community colleges, state, government, public, and other special libraries. The switch became effective July 7, 2021.  


Some Bush Library services have changed to varying degrees to accommodate and take advantage of this new relationship. A few of these changes include:

  • modifications in how we lend and borrow from other libraries on your behalf (interlibrary loan)

  • the roster of libraries in our area that provide on site access to Hamline students, faculty, and staff

  • design of the online search interface

  • some aspects of the functionality you use to perform searches for library materials

  • HamCAT  was selected as the new name for the Bush Library research discovery tool,  previously known as "CLICsearch."  



 Leganto lists  are again available for editing  and updatesContact the library if you have questions.  


Goodbye CLICsearch:

CLICsearch has a  new name: HamCAT. It  has mostly the same functionality except it includes more partner libraries, some interlibrary loan changes, and a few other improvements.  


Questions or concerns about your library account or access to library materials?: Contact your liaison librarian or the Central Service Desk (CSD).