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Library Digital Services:  

supporting faculty in teaching and learning

Digital Initiatives The Hamline University Library and Archives offer a variety of services that support teaching and learning with online apps, platforms, and collections. In addition to helping you to utilize the following online resources and to find additional resources, librarians can help students understand the intersections of information creation, intellectual property rights and licensing, authority, access, and discoverability --in a digital environment.

Contact the Hamline Liaison Librarian in your subject area for more information.

Scholarship Publishing

Preserving, publishing, and promoting Hamline’s student and faculty scholarship.

Digital Commons@Hamline

Departmental Honors Projects

Tapestries: Interwoven voices of local and global identities
--example of a student produced journal at Macalester

Student projects - examples

Sustainability Cookbook 
--Macalester student using Pressbooks

Slave Trade History 
--Macalester student using StoryMapsJS

Online publishing tools


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Learn more: Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project Minnesota Libraries Publishing  Project

Pressbooks Userguide

Other Online Tools



Whittier Workshop: Scalar in the Classroom


Finding and Citing Media Guide (Creative Commons Licensed)

Course Materials Support

Managing, collecting, and collating course materials and open educational resources (OER).

Leganto Reading Lists

An introduction video Videos onlineVideo - YouTube

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation
--OER example used by Hamline faculty from the Open Textbook Library

Student created course materials

The Social Construction of Media: Social Media, Culture, and Everyday LifeOpens in a new tab
--student created "textbook" using ScalarOpens in a new tab

A Student-Created, Open Access, Living Textbook
--a case study

A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students
--2018 Open Education Award for Excellence

Library Curriculum Collections and Guides

Collaboration / Global Citizenship Teaching & Learning

Infographics: Student Resources

Games & Gaming Curriculum

Sustainability Teaching & Learning

Learn more:

Keeping Up with...Digital Pedagogy - remove barriers to learning
      --Assoc. of College & Research Libraries overview

Digital Pedagogy Institute 
      -- yearly conference

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Digital Collections

Materials and collections that tell the unique story of life and times at Hamline.

Hamline Digital Archival Collections

The Oracle
1888 to early 1900s; Fall 1988 to Spring 2015
Digitized as text searchable PDFs. Other years available at the Hamline Archives (currently closed)

We are working on providing Oracle late 191Xs to 1920s as time allows.

Hamline Yearbooks
The Liner (Hamline yearbook): 1893-2016 with a few gaps 

Hamline Faculty Handbooks : 1957-2000s