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2023 FSEM 1010-23: Microbes, Molecules, and Meals: Exploring the Fascinating Science of Cooking (Prof. Martinez-Vaz): Find Books - HamCAT

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  • Biochemistry
  • Food
  • Food-analysis
  • Food-biotechnology
  • Food-composition
  • Taste-Physiology
  • Flavoring agents-chemistry
  • physicochemical characterization
  • food adulteration

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Types of Content you will Find in HamCAT

Provost, Colabroy, K. L., Kelly, B. S., & Wallert, M. A. (2016). The Science of Cooking: Understanding the Biology and Chemistry Behind Food and Cooking (1st ed.). Wiley.

This, & Gladding, J. (2007). Kitchen Mysteries : Revealing the Science of Cooking. Columbia University Press,.

Sobey. (2010). The Way Kitchens Work : The Science Behind the Microwave, Teflon Pan, Garbage Disposal, and More. Chicago Review Press.

Print Books

McGee. (1984). On food and cooking : the science and lore of the kitchen. Scribner. Hamline Bush Library Main Book Collection, 3rd Floor ; TX651 .M27 2004

This. (2009). The science of the oven (Gladding, Trans.). Columbia University Press. Hamline Bush Library Main Book Collection, 3rd Floor ;TX546 .T55313 2009.

Nestle. (2003). Safe food : bacteria, biotechnology, and bioterrorism. University of California Press.Available @MnPALS partner library. Order via MnCAT.

Articles (magazine, newspaper)
Chang. (2013). The Joy Of Cooking With Science. In Wired (San Francisco, Calif.) (Vol. 21, Issue 10, p. 136–). Conde Nast Publications, Inc.

Walker. (1985). Cooking outdoors with simple equipment demonstrates aspects of thermal physics. In Scientific American (Vol. 253, p. 114–). Scientific American, Inc.

Krystal. (2023). A guide to neutral oils for cooking and baking. The Washington Post.

Scholarly Journal Articles
Gao, Yang, N., Li, C., Wang, X., Yu, X., Zhang, L., & Wei, Z. (2023). Seasoning Chinese cooking pans: The nanoscience behind the Kitchen God’s blessing. Nano Materials Science, 5(1), 86–90.

Lian, Cheng, J.-H., & Sun, D.-W. (2023). Effects of combined roasting with steam cooking on fat content, physicochemical properties and in vitro protein digestion of chicken wings as compared with other conventional cooking methods. Food Science & Technology, 183, 114941–.

Hunt, Watson, S. C., Chaves, B. D., & Sullivan, G. A. (2023). Inactivation of Salmonella in nonintact beef during low-temperature sous vide cooking. Journal of Food Protection, 86(1), 100010–100010.

Video and Audio resources
Catalyst, How Your Food Works - Part 1. (2022). Australian Broadcasting Corporation,.
Mowla, Chadha, D., & Harith Iskander. (2018). Got science?. Episode 1, What’s in your food? BBC Worldwide.


Beyer. (2023). Understanding the Impacts of Cooking and Freezing Processes on Meat Quality and Physiochemical Properties of Beef Steaks. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

Mohammadi. (2023). Antibiotic Resistance of Bacillus cereus and Its Survival, Growth, and Toxin Production During Cooking and Storage of Fresh Rice Noodles. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.


Journal of Halal product and research.  Universitas Airlangga.
Food chemistry. Molecular sciences.  Elsevier Ltd.
International journal of food science.  Hindawi Pub. Corp.