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2023 FSEM 1010-03: Who Gets to be a Scientist? (Prof. Goldberg): Find Books - HamCAT

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Terminology for searching

  • Women Scientists
  • Minorities in science
  • Minorities in Science--Biography
  • Women in Science --Biography
  • African American Women Scientists
  • Scientists--Biography
  • Biography & Autobiography--Personal Memoirs
  • African American Scientists--Biography

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Types of Content you will Find in HamCAT

Albers, D. J., Albers, D. J., & Alexanderson, G. L. (2011). Fascinating mathematical people: interviews and memoirs. Princeton University Press.

Bailey, John Cann. Inventive Geniuses Who Changed the World : Fifty-Three Great British Scientists and Engineers and Five Centuries of Innovation. Springer, 2022.

Simonis, D. A., & Hertzenberg, C. (1999). Scientists, mathematicians, and inventors lives and legacies : an encyclopedia of people who changed the world. Oryx Press.

Yount. (2021). A to Z of Women : Women in Science and Math (Third edition.). Facts On File.

Print Books
Changing the Equation: 50+ Black Women in STEM (@MnPALS member library)
Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Upping the Numbers (@ Bush Library) 
Hidden Figures: the American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians who Helped Win the Space Race (@MnPALS member library)
The A to Z of Women in Science and Math (@ Bush LIbrary)
The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist (@MnPALS member library)
Latinos in Science, Math and the Professions (@MnPALS member library)

Articles (magazine, newspaper)
Greenwald. (2000). “The Milky Way is a pizza”.(experience of blind researcher in astronomy, Kent Cullers). In The New York times magazine (p. 62–). The New York Times Company.

Dunninger, & Stump, R. A. (1996). Ellen Swallow Richards.(biography of woman environmental scientist). In Skipping stones (Vol. 8, Issue 2, p. 16–). Skipping Stones.

Scholarly Journal Articles
Ben-Amotz. (2022). Scientific Autobiography of Dor Ben-Amotz. The Journal of Physical Chemistry. B, 126(16), 2946–2951.

Frederick-Frost. (2021). The Life and Career of James Andrew Harris: Let’s Ask More of History. Journal of Chemical Education, 98(4), 1242–1248.


Video and Audio resources
Smith, L., Vance, C. B., & Santiago-Hudson, R. (2007). Forgotten genius. WGBH Video. (DVD about Percy Julian) @MnPALS member library


Ding. (2022). Making STEM Accessible: Breaking Down Barriers for Differently Abled Scientists: An Educational Workshop on Understanding Disability and Opening Doors for All Abilities in STEM. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.