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2020 FYSEM 1010-22: STEM and Social Justice (Struck & Born Selly): Pre-Search Resources

Introduction to library resources and services for student success.

Search CLICsearch Reference Entries

Search Hamline's Online Reference collection


Ask a Librarian

Terminology when searching library databases

Remember terminology changes over time. Eventually the library search engines have SEE references to point to to more current and previous terminology. For example, when searching for the topics in this course, you may attempt to search by POC (People of Color) or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and you might get some results. But also consider synonyms used in these systems to find alternative words. These might include Minoritiies, or specific groups of people. Use a thesaurus to help you find alternative terms to use. 

TIPS for using Reference Materials

HINT: Often signed encyclopedia or handbook articles (references sources) are written by experts who have written other texts (books, articles, blog posts, etc.) You can search for those authors in CLICsearch or Google to discover some of their other works. Reference sources often also have a Further Reading section or a Bibliography at the end of them, with other sources on your topic, that can be worth exploring. 

Reference = Background Information