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Linking to Online Library Materials: The Basics

Learn how to create links to articles and books in databases. Put these links into Blackboard to provide your students with one-click access to scholarly content.


The Hamline libraries subscribe to a number of quality fulltext databases, from Ebsco's Academic Search Premier to Education Full Text.  If there is a fulltext database article or an ebook that you would like your students to read, you can provide one-click access from Blackboard to the reading. 

Linking does not require copyright permission.  Copying and distributing the content, whether in print or online, requires copyright permission.  Putting a copy on Reserve at the Library requires permission.  We pay license fees for this content; linking to it does not require permission.

This guide will:

  • Show you how to determine which books and journals we have online.
  • Introduce the proxy server.
  • Provide database-specific instructions on linking.

Creating a Link In a Nutshell


The instructions in a nutshell.

For more detailed information, click on The Building Blocks tab. 

For database-by-database instructions on locating the stable url,
click on the Database Instructions or eBooks Instructions tab.

1.  Copy and paste the following url.  This is what routes the user through Hamline's proxy server and enables them to access our licensed content from off-campus.

2.  Paste the article's stable url (aka persistent or durable link) immediately following the proxy server url (make sure there's no space between the equal sign and the "http").



3.  Under Options, be sure to check YES under OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. Sometimes there are technical problems if the article is set to open in the same window.  It's also easier for students to understand that the article doesn't actually "live" in Blackboard, that they are going to a different location.


Questions? Contact...

-- Kate Borowske (651-523-2442 or
-- Your department's/school's library liaison
-- Or, the Reference Desk (651-523-2373)