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Bush Library Research Tutorial: About

Tutorial Overview

Bush Memorial Library welcomes you to our online tutorial on library services and skills. We have designed this tutorial to provide you with opportunities to learn about the library and and it's services, and allow you to practice information-seeking and evaluation skills in information literacy. The Bush Library Research Tutorial consists of 8 modules.  The tutorial does not have to be completed in one sitting.

We recommend:

  1. Reading each module in order because they sequence in complexity.
  2. Reviewing the learning objective for each module before beginning the module.
  3. Testing your understanding of the concepts covered in the tutorials by completing the assessment. 

Begin by clicking on the Module 1 link below

Tutorial Contents

Module 1 - Orientation to Bush Memorial Library
Module 2 - Types of Information and Research Tools
Module 3 - Searching a Database
Module 4 - Understanding Citations
Module 5 - Information Ethics: Citing Sources and Fair Use
Module 6-  Using Internet Sources
Module 7 - Evaluating Content on the Web
Module 8 - Developing a Research Strategy 


Assess Your Learning

After you've finished all 8 modules, test your understanding by completing the web-based tutorial assessment to be linked here soon.

Test questions are based on the concepts covered in all 8 modules.

A more formal assessment will also soon be available to faculty who wish to test these information literacy learning objectives using Blackboard Learning Management System. 

Learning Objectives for Tutorial

 Blue Conductor

 The tutorial overall prepares students to --

  • Orient themselves to the physical and virtual services and collections offered from Bush Library.
  • Determine when information is needed and select the appropriate research tool. 
  • Employ effective searching techniques.
  • Locate and retrieve resources from varied providers.
  • Appropriately document the sources they cite.  
  • Use information ethically and legally.
  • Evaluate the sources they discover.
  • Develop a research strategy.

  Contact the Library

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Bush Library thanks Harvey A. Andruss Library at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, for granting permission allowing us to adapt their "General Library Research Tutorial."